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Marion Boomer-Hauser, MS, RD, CEO <br>& Ross Hauser, MD, Medical Director
Marion Boomer-Hauser, MS, RD, CEO
& Ross Hauser, MD, Medical Director

About the Hausers

Established in 1991 by Medical Director Ross Hauser, MD, and CEO Marion Hauser, MS, RD, Caring Medical Florida has become a leading non-surgical joint instability clinic in sunny Fort Myers, Florida, that provides unique and innovative treatments and diagnostics to patients with pain and a wide array of seemingly unrelated and often-described-as “weird” symptomatology.   

Both trained traditionally in their fields, the Hausers soon realized that what they learned in school was not exactly the way that they wanted to treat patients at Caring Medical – thus began the journey into a more natural, pro-healing philosophy. After attending various natural medicine and Prolotherapy seminars, conferences, and in-person training with various world experts, they developed their own approach to health and healing specific to their Caring Medical patient population. Comprehensive H3 Prolotherapy is the hallmark treatment modality provided at Caring Medical.

The Hausers, inspired by Prolotherapy pioneers George S. Hackett, MD, and Gustav A. Hemwall, MD, have been perfecting the method over the years, incorporating a variety of advancements to best heal their patients’ conditions. Combined with innovative diagnostic modalities and helpful lifestyle teaching, Caring Medical FL has been blessed to be able to restore many patients back to health and living active lives.

As avid athletes, participating in activities such as running, cycling, swimming, strength training, triathlons, and more, the Hausers have received their share of successful Prolotherapy treatments for a variety of injuries over the years. Because of this, they can fully understand their patients and empathize with their plights to get back to normal lives.

Caring Medical's expertise shines through its publication of over 30 scientific articles and 8 books. The clinic exhibits unparalleled success in resolving chronic pain conditions such as degenerative disc disease, joint osteoarthritis, migraines, nerve entrapments, cervical instability, many ortho-neurological conditions, and more. Their pioneering use of H3 Prolotherapy has yielded outstanding results restoring both mobility and exercise ability.

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The clinic attracts patients globally, with individuals from all around the US, Europe, UK, Africa, Australia, South and Central America and beyond, seeking the unique and effective treatments and diagnostics provided at Caring Medical Florida. The office buildings hold Caring Medical patient maps that allow patients to mark their origins proudly with pins! 

For those weary of unresponsive providers and seeking alternatives to surgery and medication, Caring Medical stands as a beacon of hope, hence one of their slogans, “Hope Practiced here.”

With a rich history rooted in Prolotherapy and a commitment to cutting-edge solutions, the clinic's experienced team, led by the Hausers and the highly talented Danielle Steilen-Matias PA-C, offers unparalleled expertise in resolving complex pain issues. Discover more about the legacy of H3 Prolotherapy at Caring Medical and explore solutions to chronic pain by reaching out to their dedicated team.

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