Prolotherapy Results

Our team at Caring Medical, headed by Ross Hauser, MD, has contributed some of the most significant patient results and research in the field of Prolotherapy. Our studies cover head to toe pain conditions, each demonstrating that Hackett-Hemwall Prolotherapy is an extraordinarily safe and effective regenerative method to alleviate pain for long-term success. Our writing and research have assisted in putting Prolotherapy on the map for many, though Caring Medical is considered a highly specialized clinic, treating a number of conditions that prove too difficult or complicated for most other regenerative medicine offices. Some of these conditions include Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, advanced osteoarthritis, cervical spine instability, labral and meniscal tears, among others. Part of the reason many patients seek the expertise that our clinics offer is to be treated at the same team who has helped and published Prolotherapy results on these more complex cases!

Prolotherapy changes lives for the better!


of patients said Prolotherapy changed their life for the better.*


of patients have recommended Prolotherapy to someone else.*

*From 11 individual studies with a total of 709 patients who received dextrose Prolotherapy at a charity clinic run by Ross Hauser, MD.

Results of Hackett-Hemwall Comprehensive Dextrose Prolotherapy for pain relief in individual joints

Prolotherapy caused a statistically significant decline in pain in tough chronic pain cases treated at a charity clinic. All injured areas were treated with dextrose Prolotherapy at a charity clinic run by Dr. Hauser. The average patient had greater than 5 years of pain and about half the patients were told by at least one medical doctor that there was nothing more that could be done for their pain or that their condition needed surgery. Patients received, on average, four Prolotherapy sessions. All in all, these patients represented amazing results based on how difficult their cases were and the very limited Prolotherapy solutions available at the clinic. They received a very basic dextrose Prolotherapy solution and treatments were performed further apart than in the typical private practice where stronger solutions are used and treatments can be timed more optimally with the healing cascade.

Our Research on the use of Bone Marrow Prolotherapy for Osteoarthritis

Our study was comprised of 24 adult patients who had a diagnosis of radiographic OA and had visited our chronic pain clinic in 2009 for Prolotherapy treatment to relieve their chronic pain. The results of our study have shown that a combined BMP treatment regimen of injections to index sites has an enhanced effect on outcomes, as perceived by patients themselves, in regard to pain relief and improved joint function and has the potential to improve the quality of life of individuals with radiographic OA. The complete study and results can be read here: Hauser R, Woldin B. Treating Osteoarthritic Joints Using Dextrose Prolotherapy and Direct Bone Marrow Aspirate Injection Therapy. The Open Arthritis Journal.. Volume 7, 2014.

Pain Level and Stiffness Level Graphs Before and After Bone Marrow Prolotherapy

  • Average Pain Level Before Treatment: 5.59
  • Average Pain Level After Treatment: 0.36
  • Pain Scale: 1-10 (0 = no pain, 10 = unrelenting pain)
  • Average Stiffness Level Before Treatment: 6.0
  • Average Stiffness Level After Treatment: 0.83
  • Stiffness Scale: 1-10 (0 = no stiffness, 10 = unrelenting stiffness)

Our Results for both cervical and lumbar radiculopathy treated with H3 Prolotherapy at Caring Medical

  • Patients: 17 with cervical radiculopathy, 23 with lumbar radiculopathy (surgical candidates who opted for Prolotherapy instead)
  • Average Age: 53
  • Average Number of Treatments: 5.7
  • Follow-Up: Average of 27 months post last treatment
  • Outcome: 37 out of 40 patients would recommend Prolotherapy

Cervical Radiculopathy

  • Average Pain Level Before Treatment: 5.4
  • Average Pain Level After Treatment: 1.0

Lumbar Radiculopathy

  • Average Pain Level Before Treatment: 6.3
  • Average Pain Level After Treatment: 2.5

Note: Pain scale is 1-10, where 0 = no pain & 10 = unrelenting pain.

Our Prolotherapy research papers, case studies, & scientific editorials

Our work also includes combining the Hackett-Hemwall technique with more advanced stem cell and platelet rich plasma (PRP) solutions, which are considered forms of Prolotherapy. Below is the ever-growing list of our published Prolotherapy research papers, case studies, and scientific editorials, including articles on Prolotherapy as an alternative to surgery; chronic back pain; cartilage regeneration in knees; stem cell therapy for degenerative joint disease, and many more.

*Small graphs are average pain levels before and after Prolotherapy. Pain scale is 1-10 where 0 = no pain & 10 = unrelenting pain.