Our Commitment

Sanibel Lighthouse

Our Vision: Enable people to live fulfilling, passionate lives by restoring joint, body, and brain health by optimizing human joint structure.

Our Mission: Act as a lighthouse, explaining the structural cause of human disease through dynamic structural medicine; and educating the world on the life-changing effects of H3 Prolotherapy and spinal curve correction.

Our Motto: Hope practiced here®.

We Commit To:

  • Treating others as we want to be treated. We are athletes, parents, grandparents, and patients serving athletes, parents, grandparents, and patients.
  • Integrity, both on the job and in our personal lives.
  • Genuine love, care, and humility towards ourselves, each other, and our patients.
  • Listening intently to each other and our patients with an open heart and mind.
  • Providing achievable solutions for any situation presented to us.
  • Continuing education in the field of chronic pain and often missed diagnosis: joint instability, leading to destructive joint motions and impairment of the body's nerve signals and fluid flow, causing localized and systemic disease.
  • Developing safe, expedient, and effective treatments for resolution of joint instability and the painful and systemic conditions and diseases it causes.
  • Explaining the true concepts of successful treatments relating to the etiology of pain and the breakdown of the body's joint structures, in an exceptionally understandable way, even if it challenges the prevailing standard methods of care.

The care of the patient begins with Caring.