Testing you in the motions of life

At Caring Medical, we understand that accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of effective treatment. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic center is equipped with advanced technologies to precisely identify the underlying causes of your condition, guiding you towards a tailored, effective treatment plan.

We focus on motion and upright diagnostics instead of the way standard MRI, CT, and x-rays are performed where a person is lying down or perfectly still. Motion testing means we test patients while they hold positions and do maneuvers that are more likely to trigger symptoms so we can show you the structural cause of your problem in real time!

Learn more about our unique dynamic testing procedures:

Digital Motion X-ray: An x-ray movie of the neck vertebrae as the patient performs different head and neck motions, as well as a neck curve analysis.

Cone Beam CT: This test is done while the patient is upright and does a more detailed analysis of the bony structures in the head and neck, including the presence of styloids or other abnormalities obstructing proper blood and airflow.

Dynamic Digital Radiography: An x-ray movie of large areas in motion, such as the hips and lumbar spine, as well as smaller joints like the ankles and toes. This is also used for barium swallow studies.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound: Stressing certain joints under ultrasound and reproducing symptomatic movements can be analyzed to assess the degree of joint instability as well as measure the response to Prolotherapy treatment as the area begins to stabilize.

Transcranial and Extracranial Doppler: Testing blood flow into and out of the brain to identify certain head and neck positions that may be restricting flow and causing the symptoms.

Heart Rate Variability and vagus nerve function: We test the fluctuations between heartbeats under various movements, as well as the size of the cross-sectional area of the vagus nerve because the vagus nerve has the greatest impact on heart function and gives a good overview of a person’s autonomic nervous system status.

Precision Diagnostics at Caring Medical: Uncover the Root Cause

We are joint instability experts! Joint instability is the underlying reason that conditions like osteoarthritis begin, as well as the reason why pain and other symptoms are often intermittent or activity-dependent. Intermittent symptoms such as blurry vision and heart palpitations, for instance, can be due to neck instability.

This is a huge frustration for patients whose traditional tests have shown “nothing” despite their symptoms worsening. Very often, what the doctors mean by the scans showing “nothing” is that there is no problem that would qualify them for surgery or other hospital procedures. Thus, the patient is often sent home with some prescription pills to try and manage the symptoms or a referral to a different specialist. In more extreme cases, the doctors, and even the patient’s family, begin to think the symptoms are all “in their head.” How insulting and disheartening!