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Your Symptoms Aren’t In Your Head,

They're In Your Neck.

Since 1993, Ross Hauser, MD and Marion Hauser, MS, RD have developed Caring Medical into one of the world’s leading clinics for Prolotherapy (including dextrose, PRP, and stem cells) with a commitment to helping the toughest chronic pain cases. ​Today, our work is heavily focused on the cervical spine, which houses critical nervous system tissues that connect the brain to the body. To best accommodate the needs of these more complex cervical instability cases, we have established the Hauser Neck Center at Caring Medical Florida. If you are struggling with chronic neck pain, headaches, and symptoms that you feel could be coming from your neck, we’d love to help you get to the bottom of it and get your life back!

Dynamic Diagnostics
We start by finding what’s wrong!

Finding the best ways to diagnose and resolve cervical instability and the many symptoms and syndromes that it causes, is paramount to restoring a person’s ability to live a healthy, normal life. What we discover every day in our patients using our dynamic testing procedures is astounding! Dynamic tests mean that we are analyzing symptoms while a patient is in motion, not just lying flat or standing still when they do not have symptoms.

We utilize Digital Motion X-ray to take into account the movement of the bones in relation to the spinal cord, vagus nerve, and many other important structures, as well as the integrity of the ligaments that hold the spine together and create the cervical curve.

We also use Cone Beam CT scanning technology to analyze the bony structures in the head and neck, including the presence of styloids that may be obstructing proper brain blood flow or finding airways that may be restricted and causing breathing difficulty.

The radiologic exams are performed along with Neck Vitals testing which analyze blood flow to and from the brainheart rate variability, vagus nerve degeneration, and more. This has resulted in incredible patient outcomes!

Patients who have been through dozens of other providers, static MRIs and x-rays, or multiple medications and surgeries, without resolution, finally receive answers to why they have bizarre, transient, and horrific disabling symptoms. An individualized testing and treatment program is then created and if that treatment involves curve correction and/or Prolotherapy, those can usually be started on the second or third day of a patient’s initial visit to the clinic.

What systems are affected by neck instability?

When there is damage to the tissues that hold the cervical spine together, especially the upper cervical spine, the effects on a person’s health can be absolutely devastating! The signaling of the vagus nerve to organs like the heart, for instance, can go haywire and cause tachycardia or disrupt the digestive system by causing gastroparesis. The blood flow to and from the brain can be restricted and create abnormal pressure buildup affecting vision, causing brain fog, and more. (See figure.) Thus, the conditions and symptoms associated with neck instability are vast, and we see most of these in the patients we treat.

How to get YOUR case reviewed

Our neck team reviews all cases ahead of time to ensure they are a good fit medically for our testing center, as well as for compatibility with our team, and the patient’s ability to receive proper treatment. While we do take on many challenging cases, sadly, we cannot accept all patients. Our team examines many aspects of a person’s case and accepting or denying a case is never taken lightly. Please reach out to us to learn more about the case review process which can include submitting your imaging/lab reports as well as a picture of you at your computer workstation, and completing an extensive symptom and medical history questionnaire, prior to a discussion with a clinical team member. If you sound like a good candidate for our center, it would be our absolute honor to work with you to help find the best treatments to resolve your symptoms!

Reach out. We’re listening!

It’s your turn to tell us about your health challenges.