Hiring Doctors

The Hauser Neck Center at Caring Medical is looking for an outstanding physician (DO or MD) who wants to specialize in Comprehensive H3 Prolotherapy and cutting-edge motion diagnostics to help awesome patients restore their lives and overcome debilitating conditions. Work in an uplifting environment with an amazing family-team who is dedicated to providing 5-star service to our patients!

Provider Requirements:

  • DO or MD.
  • PM&R, Musculoskeletal Medicine, Sports Medicine, or Spine specialization a plus.
  • Strong entrepreneurial and leadership skills with willingness to contribute to research, writing, seminars, webinars, and/or community presentations, as well as networking with other providers.
  • Strong interpersonal skills to connect with patients and the team.
  • EMR proficient and timely in charting and other assignments.
  • Proficient in musculoskeletal physical examinations, ultrasound, and injections preferred.
  • Willing to train in order to become highly proficient in Prolotherapy and other regenerative medicine injections including PRP, autologous stem cell injections, neurofascial and neural therapies, nerve release and regeneration.
  • Comprehensive healing approach that includes stimulating the body to heal itself using Prolotherapy and other regenerative medicine modalities, as well as addressing diet, nutritional supplementation, exercise, stress management, faith, and other lifestyle factors, without the use of steroid shots, NSAIDs, or prescription narcotics.
  • Dedicated to ongoing learning and striving to better understand and treat the underlying etiology of challenging chronic pain conditions.



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