Hip Pain

Are you looking for an alternative to hip surgery? We would love to help you discover if you are a good candidate for Prolotherapy, including the cellular forms known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy. These regenerative treatments offer hope to those looking to eliminate hip pain from degenerative conditions including arthritis, labral tears, impingement, IT band syndrome, bursitis, and other conditions.

Our specialists get to the root cause of the problem that often goes undiagnosed for years: hip joint instability due to ligament laxity. You do not have to live with nagging hip pain or live in fear of surgery! Caring Medical has outstanding patient results with our comprehensive and Prolotherapy treatment protocols, including patients who were told that hip surgery was their only option, as well as in patients who have received less complete forms of PRP or stem cell therapy elsewhere. Our unique approach to whole joint care has been sought by patients from around the world since 1993. Navigate through the sections below for lots of hip pain information or get help from our medical staff now.

Symptoms caused by Hip Instability

  • Aching pain while sitting or driving
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Gait abnormality/ waddling
  • Hip giving way or feeling of instability
  • Hip pain / stiffness/ soreness
  • Loss of motion
  • Loss of muscle strength
  • Muscle spasms
  • Need to pop the hip back in place
  • Referral pain into buttock or down the leg
  • Snapping sensation

These symptoms can be signs of the following hip pain conditions caused by hip instability that we commonly treat with Prolotherapy.

Chronic Conditions caused by Hip Instability

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Ankle pain most often occurs because the bones and joints are moving too much – hence the diagnosis of joint instability. Why are they unstable? Because the support structures, the ligaments and tendons, are weak. These symptoms can be signs of the following ankle pain conditions caused by ankle instability that we commonly treat at Caring Medical.

Prolotherapy Treatment for Hip Pain

Most painful hip conditions begin with damage to the surrounding ligaments and progress into degenerative conditions that include hip osteoarthritis, labral degeneration, snapping hip syndrome, bone spurs, femoroacetabular impingement and more. This causes hip joint instability. Until the instability is addressed comprehensively, the joint will continue to degenerate due to the destructive joint motions. The only treatment that can repair the ligament laxity that is allowing destructive joint motions is Prolotherapy. Cortisone injections are routinely used in traditional medicine to cover up the pain temporarily and have degenerative effects that lead to early onset of osteoarthritis. Traditional treatments are not targeted to resolve the source of hip pain, which therefore leads to accelerated degeneration and the eventual need for hip replacement.

X-ray of a Normal Hip compared to a Steroid-Injected Hip


Right hip degeneration was accelerated in a patient following multiple steroid injections to the hip.

What about Hip Surgery? Hip replacement surgery is fraught with problems from the need for revision and resurfacing to metal poisoning and many others. Staples or other attempts to secure tissue can leave it less pliable and at risk for further long-term damage. While there are times that surgery is needed for more advanced cases that have lost most range of hip motion and have extensive destruction of the joint integrity, Prolotherapy may be an option afterward for post-surgical pain relief and soft tissue repair. Even better is seeking a Prolotherapy evaluation for painful hip conditions before the joint destruction is out of control!

Hackett-Hemwall-Hauser Prolotherapy is the original, more comprehensive regenerative injection treatment that targets the weakened ligaments that are causing hip joint instability and degeneration. They are also the real reason for underlying pain both in the hip and often referral pain in the legs or buttock. To properly correct the instability, it is not a one or two shot job. The injections need to be with a strong enough solution and be done to the whole hip area. Our more comprehensive treatment techniques can safely and effectively eliminate hip pain, offering a much-needed alternative to hip surgery by stimulating the body to repair the supportive ligaments around the joint, as well as promoting cartilage regeneration.

Prolotherapy Regeneration of Hip Cartilage

Before and after hip x-rays of a patient treated with Prolotherapy to the hip showing cartilage repair.

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