How we treat

Thank you for exploring Caring Medical Florida, where we specialize in innovative diagnostic and regenerative injection methods, particularly our H3 (Hackett-Hemwall-Hauser) Prolotherapy, for joint instability issues stemming from neck-related conditions, chronic pain conditions, sports injuries, arthritis, and more. With over 30 years of experience, our mission is to restore lives and redefine pain medicine.

Our Approach: Comprehensive and Individualized

At Caring Medical Florida, our primary goal is to craft a personalized treatment plan to stimulate your body's healing process, allowing you to resume a vibrant, active life. We aim to eliminate the need for long-term pain medications, steroid shots, or unnecessary surgeries.

Diagnostic Precision:

We utilize advanced technologies like vascular and musculoskeletal high resolution ultrasound, Digital Motion X-ray (DMX), Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR), and Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT),   to pinpoint joint instability while in motion, often overlooked in traditional diagnoses, as well as visualize vascular and vagus nerve issues. This precision guides our treatments and demonstrates progress.

Whole Body Healing:

Our comprehensive treatment programs extend beyond injections to include lifestyle modifications including posture/exercise prescriptions, nutritional guidance, HRV improvement strategies, and spiritual and emotional support. Active patient involvement is key to your success.

Treatment Milestones: We continue treatment until three criteria are met:

  1. Functional goals achieved: Patients resume desired activities, whether marathon running, playing pickleball, playing with children, working full time, or performing daily activities.
  2. 90%+ symptom relief at full activity: We consider a patient successful when they experience 90% symptom relief and return to full activities.
  3. Improved stability: Our diagnostics confirm improved joint stability, indicating successful regeneration of the loose and/or weak area(s).

Results-Driven and Patient-Focused: Our clinic provides accurate prognoses with our Caring Medical treatment program on the first visit. We adhere to the principle of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, ensuring the most effective and efficient solutions with minimal treatments.

Specialized Care:

Caring Medical excels in helping patients with very difficult joint instability conditions. We also see a subspeciality population of orthoneurologic conditions, including Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and other genetic hypermobility disorders, providing relief from joint hypermobility and associated orthoneurological symptoms.

With a very high success rate, we help patients sidestep joint replacement surgery, even those previously advised otherwise by orthopedic specialists. Our commitment is to your well-being, and we provide transparent assessments from the outset.

Let's Transform Your Health Together