Neck Center - Brainstem compression

Compression of the brainstem – Atlantoaxial instability and Atlas displacement

Ross Hauser, MD. Atlantoaxial instability and Atlas displacement are a primary focus of the Hauser Neck Center at Caring Medical Florida. In this article, we will discuss possible bizarre and disabling neurological symptoms that have gone undiagnosed or unresolved and the impact of Atlantoaxial instability and Atlas displacement, and upper […]

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Injury and abnormalities at the cervicomedullary junction

Ross Hauser, MD This is a companion article to Chiari malformation: Non-surgical alternatives to Chiari decompression surgery The cervicomedullary junction (CMJ) is the place where the brain meets the spinal cord and is an area that is commonly injured after traumas such as whiplash. The CMJ involves the structures that are located […]

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