Sports Medicine

The different types of running injuries

A patient will come into our office. They have spent the greater part of their life dedicated to running. This lifetime of running has accounted for several nagging and sometimes significant injuries which have put this patient into periods of intolerable inactivity. They sit on our examination table because they […]

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Treating knee osteoarthritis in the aging athlete

Ross Hauser, MD In this article Ross Hauser, MD discusses the various treatment options for the aging athlete suffering from osteoarthritis. If you have a question about your osteoarthritis options,  get help and information from our Caring Medical staff Aging, or commonly referred to as “Masters” athletes are able to […]

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Stress fractures in athletes

Ross Hauser, MD Stress fractures, especially of the lower extremities, are often the result of increasing the amount or intensity of an activity too rapidly. Much has been written about foot strike impacts and increased physical activity as primary causes. New research from the Harvard Medical School gives a summary […]

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