When should I involve an H3 Prolotherapy specialist in my care?

The simplest answer is when you have unresolved pain. Often the more complicated answer is because you have already tried rest, massage, stretching, exercise, pain and nerve medications, muscle relaxers, cortisone injections, adjustments, stimulators, braces, taping, surgery, Botox®, pain creams or patches, Platelet Rich Plasma, stem cell therapy, or less aggressive Prolotherapy … yet you still have pain that is limiting your enjoyment of life or ability to work. The reason to specifically ask Caring Medical for help is when you want the highest level of care and knowledge of cases like yours from the leaders in the field of Regenerative Medicine.

# 1 reason to seek H3 Prolotherapy

You are interested in obtaining a pain CURE versus pain MANAGEMENT. Pain management is, unfortunately, the style of medicine utilized within insurance networks, Medicare, and many socialized medicine programs. If you have been trying your insurance network treatment offerings and still not successful, you need to take matters into your own hands and get the care that can cure, not just manage your symptoms. If you have been trying out of network treatments on your own, including less comprehensive injection treatments like single-shot PRP or stem cell therapy, you are probably a good candidate for an H3 Prolotherapy evaluation. Our team would love to review your case. Talk to us in the contact form below!

Some of the top indicators that you need an H3 Prolotherapist:

Head and neck pain

  • The pain originated post-whiplash, post-concussion, or after another trauma.
  • You have a history of receiving cortisone injections.
  • No other clinician has discussed spinal instability or helped you understand how destructive joint motions are worsening your pain over time, as described in the Hinge-Joint Analogy.
  • The pain began after extensive dental work or an aggressive chiropractic adjustment.
  • You regularly take pain medications to make it through the day.
  • You feel like a “bobblehead” or that your head cannot support itself.
  • Your symptoms decrease when you wear a cervical collar.
  • You have been offered anti-depressants because doctors do not know what else to do for you.
  • The curvature of your spine has worsened.
  • An MRI shows herniated or bulging discs, bone spurs, or other indication of tissue damage to the surrounding soft tissue.
  • You regularly experience shooting pain that radiates into your face, mouth, shoulders, or arms.
  • You have atlanto-axial instability (C1-C2 spine).
  • You have been recommended for a spinal fusion surgery.
  • You have been recommended for a nerve ablation.
  • You have unexplained symptoms that range from slightly annoying to increasingly disabling like vertigo, tinnitus, burning and tingling, numbness, twitches, eye-watering, sinus and facial pain.
  • A chiropractor regularly adjusts your neck but it does not “stay” in place.
  • Physical therapy exercises only provide temporary relief of headache and migraine symptoms.
  • Doctors have been prescribing you multiple medications or botulinum toxin injections to try managing symptoms because they don’t actually know what is causing the symptoms.


  • You have been recommended for knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, shoulder replacement surgery.
  • You have already undergone a surgical procedure that did not alleviate the pain.
  • There is increasing tenderness around the painful joint.
  • You have already tried Synvisc®, cortisone, PRP, amniotic stem cells, less aggressive Prolotherapy or another type of injection into the joint.
  • Your doctor is trying to keep your symptoms at bay with pain medication until your joint is “bad enough” to need replacing. Knee regeneration vs. degeneration

Low back pain

  • You cannot hold an adjustment or feel the need to regularly adjust/crack your spine, possibly indicative of Over-Manipulation Syndrome.
  • There are chronic muscle spasms and/or tightness in the area. Therefore, you constantly feel the need to stretch or massage the area.
  • A surgeon has recommended trying surgery to remove something, such as a laminectomy.
  • A surgeon has recommended a “minimally invasive” spine surgery or fusion.
  • You underwent spinal surgery without long-term pain and symptomatic relief.
  • You have tried a number of treatments but are unable to fully return to work, sports, or life without taking medication for the back pain.
  • No other clinician has helped permanently relieve the pain or explained why your pain keeps returning.
  • An MRI or X-ray shows bone spurs, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, degenerated discs, or other indication of tissue damage to the surrounding soft tissue.
  • Your pain is “positional” which means it increases/decreases depending on if you are sitting, standing, lying down, etc…
  • You have a “sciatica” type of pain that shoots down your leg.
  • Your sacroiliac joint pops easily.
    hip instability

Sports injuries

  • You have been recommended to, or already had surgery to remove something, such as a meniscectomy.
  • You have already tried arthroscopic surgery and want to avoid another surgery, if possible.
  • You have received, or been offered, a cortisone injection for temporary relief from pain/inflammation.
  • The pain originated from sports training or fighting matches, including MMA.
  • You have been told it is “overuse syndrome.”
  • You have already tried taping, rest, ice, and other home therapies.
  • You previously sprained the area, whether weeks, months, or years prior to the chronic pain you are currently experiencing.
  • You are unable to fully return to athletics or train for your event due to the nagging injury.
  • Your pain persists despite efforts to cross-train, change footwear/equipment, or modify your workouts.
  • No other clinician has discussed joint instability or helped you understand how destructive joint motions are causing your joint to degenerate, as described in the Hinge-Joint Analogy.
  • You regularly take pain medications to be able to train and participate in sports.
  • You keep symptoms at bay with physical therapy/exercise/chiropractic/acupuncture/massage or other treatment but are able to “cure” the pain.

If you have any of these indicators and want to resolve your pain, contact us today!


I was told by an orthopedist to “wait until I needed a joint replacement”

Joint instability leads to destructive joint motions which lead to osteoarthritis. Plain and simple. Most traditional treatments, including cortisone and anti-inflammatory medication, worsen these destructive joint motions. Furthermore, choosing a “wait and see” or “do nothing” approach is equally as bad in the long-term because this involves a long, painful wait that ends with surgery. The choice to do nothing is the choice to allow the destruction to continue.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative process that will continue unless you do something to stop the degenerative process. For many patients who receive their pain care from an orthopedist, they are told: “there is nothing we can do but wait until your joint is bad enough for replacement surgery.” This makes sense because the orthopedist specializes in joint surgery, not Regenerative Medicine. For anyone who has been told to manage the pain until it is bad enough for surgery, it’s time to take your case to a Prolotherapist! There absolutely is something you can do to improve the health of your joint, instead of losing all that time waiting for your joint to deteriorate to the point of needing a replacement. Prolotherapy, including PRP and stem cell therapy, provides an excellent, and much-needed, alternative to letting chronic pain alter your life. It regenerates the tissue and rejuvenates the joint and spine.

Our clinic is 100% dedicated to correcting joint instability, restoring function, and alleviating pain. Our knowledgeable clinicians have experience helping some of the world’s toughest pain cases. Most of our patients have tried multiple traditional treatments locally or other stem cell therapy clinics, and have not resolved their pain or joint instability. As time passes and additional procedures are unsuccessful and more pain medications are used, the more destructive joint motion continues to ravage the joint or spine. We can help you break the vicious cycle and realize a pain-free life once again. Give us a call or email us about your case!


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