Refer a Friend

We are incredibly grateful and humbled that the majority of our patients refer friends and family to see us for help with their chronic pain and injuries. As our way of saying THANK YOU, you will receive a $100 credit if someone you referred becomes a patient. Please tell them to be sure to let our team know that you referred them to our office.

How do I know if my friend is a good candidate?

Our team is happy to review your friend’s case more closely. The best way is to have your friend connect with our team directly to discuss the details of the case.

My friend wants to learn more about your therapies

Great! We have plenty of resources to help them learn about Regenerative Medicine treatments, including Prolotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy, and how these can provide permanent, non-surgical pain relief.

  • Download the Caring Medical Prolotherapy Brochure for a quick and easy way to recommend our treatments to a friend. (right-click to save)
  • Forward them to this website, or our other sites for research on the Journal of Prolotherapy
  • Forward them to our research page. If they do not use a computer, you can reach out to our team for a complimentary copy of any of our research articles and brochures.
  • Subscribe to our free e-newsletter that discusses how Regenerative Injection Treatments are successfully used as an alternative to surgery for most chronic pain, osteoarthritis, and sports injuries.
  • Check out our Prolotherapy books on Amazon.