At Caring Medical Regenerative Medicine Clinics we specialize in the treatment of difficult pain cases with Comprehensive H3 Prolotherapy, the regenerative injection therapy for which we are most well known. Many patients come to Caring Medical after having seen 4, 5, 6, or even 10 doctors without successful results. Our approach is to get at the root cause of your problem, not just cover it up with a medication. We utilize innovative, non-surgical techniques that will help you see results and stay active for life.

Here is a list of our most popular treatments that we perform…

  • Prolotherapy, a regenerative injection treatment that is used to treat pain and sports injuries. As one of the largest, most experienced Prolotherapy centers in the world, we offer all types of Prolotherapy solutions, and utilize the Hackett-Hemwall dextrose Prolotherapy technique to ensure the area is comprehensively treated.
  • Perineural Injection Treatment (Neurofasical Prolotherapy) can be recommended in addition to the traditional Hackett-Hemwall technique, or as a stand-alone treatment. This targets painful, subcutaneous nerves that are damaged and disrupting healing.
  • Neural Therapy originating out of Germany, is another injection treatment for pain and scar tissue, which can be used alone or in conjunction with Prolotherapy.
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) involves the use of a patient’s own growth factors, obtained from a blood draw, in the Prolotherapy procedure.
  • Stem Cell Prolotherapy involves the use of a patient’s own stem cells, obtained from either bone marrow or abdominal fat, in the Prolotherapy procedure.
  • Digital Motion X-ray (DMX) is available in our Fort Myers, Florida center. This is a dynamic diagnostic tool, not a static one. It visualizes the body in real-time while in motion, making it ideal for neck injuries and diagnosing cervical instability, as well as other spine and joint instability.
  • Ultrasound can be used in cases where additional visualization for diagnostic or injection guidance would be beneficial.
  • Laboratory Testing is available for specific tests that may help uncover reasons for a person’s pain or impaired healing, joint fluid analysis, and other tests that may help better determine a comprehensive treatment plan.