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Thanks for your interest in our office. Having done Prolotherapy since 1993, and a love for writing and sharing information with our patients, we have several years of archived articles on Prolotherapy and Natural Medicine. Whether its scientific research articles, patient case studies, or commentary on the latest medical news, we are continuously publishing new material and would love to share it with you!  Sign up for our Prolotherapy E-newsletter and read our blogs, which are both free.

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Check out our videos, and subscribe to our Youtube channel. We post videos about Prolotherapy, Stem Cell therapy, the various conditions that we treat here, and more. Our webinars are also housed in our webinar playlist. We hope you find them educational and helpful for your condition. If you have an idea for a Prolotherapy video or a specific condition request, we’d love to hear it.

Want to hear some of our patients review their Prolotherapy treatment results? On our channel, we have a Prolotherapy patient playlist where some of our awesome patients have shared their experience, strength, and hope through their chronic pain journey, and discuss how Prolotherapy helped resolve their chronic pain.

Books to help keep you active for life!

Our passion is helping people maximize their healing potential utilizing more natural ways that allow your body to work FOR you! Check out the many books that Dr. Ross and Marion Hauser, The Doctor and the Dietitian,  have written to help you on your journey toward maximum health and healing chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions: numerous books on Prolotherapy.

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